American Made

Doug Liman directs the true-life story about a good guy who does bad things in the action, biography, comedy, American Made. It’s the 1980’s and Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is living the good life as an … [Read more...]

The Mummy

Universal Studio's Dark Universe franchise begins with a woman in the villain's role in the action adventure film, The Mummy. This movie begins with the obligatory back story that takes place in … [Read more...]

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Best selling author Lee Child's most notable character, Jack Reacher, returns to the big screen for the second time in the action-crime-adventure Jack Reacher, Never Go Back. Jack Reacher (Tom … [Read more...]

Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise never seems to make a bad movie and his latest action sci-fi film, Edge of Tomorrow, is no exception. Aliens are winning the war on Earth so the military makes one final stand in Europe to … [Read more...]

Jack Reacher

One Shot is one of the 17 novels written by Lee Child in the Jack Reacher series and it has been adapted to the action, crime, thriller simply titled Jack Reacher. When an ex-military sniper played by … [Read more...]

Rock of Ages

Based on the Broadway show by the same name the film, Rock of Ages focuses on the music from the 1980's. It's 1987 and a girl named Sherrie (Julianne Hough) travels to Los Angeles from the midwest to … [Read more...]


With Bryan Singer directing a film people would expect plenty of action but in the Political thriller Valkyrie you will receive a good history lesson instead. Even though World War II was all but … [Read more...]

Mission: Impossible III

The summer blockbusters begin with the third installment of the popular television show by the same name, Mission Impossible 3. (If you weren’t aware of that bit of trivia, you must be from another … [Read more...]

War of the Worlds

Steven Spielberg directs the updated adaptation film War of the Worlds which was originally written by H.G. Wells. A working man from New Jersey played by Tom Cruise has his life turned upside down … [Read more...]


Director Michael Mann brings an intriguing story about a ruthless hitman in the action thriller Collateral. During a typical night's work in Los Angeles, a mild mannered taxi driver named Max (Jamie … [Read more...]