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Director Michael Mann brings an intriguing story about a ruthless hitman in the action thriller Collateral. During a typical night’s work in Los Angeles, a mild mannered taxi driver named Max (Jamie Foxx) picks up a beautiful attorney named Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith) who is going to her office to put in some extra hours on a high profile case. They begin flirting and when she leaves the cab she gives him her business card. My first thought: A gorgeous lawyer is going to try to pick up a cab driver – right. While still thinking of Annie, he picks up his next fair who is a sharply dressed man named Vincent (Tom Cruise). Vincent offers Max seven hundred dollars to show him around Los Angeles and only make 5 stops around the city. What a deal! At the first stop, a dead body lands on his taxi and Max figures out that Vincent is a contract killer. Max continues playing the role of get-away driver (not by choice) until Vincent goes after the last surprising victim and Max tries to take matters into his own hands. This is a great role for Jamie Foxx and the performances by him and Tom cruise are outstanding. The script is good with funny one liners, interesting dialogue and exciting action that doesn’t rush the story. I was wondering why the cab driver just didn’t drive away while the hit man was inside a building. I was also wondering how a taxi cab can run into a barrier at 80 miles an hour and 2 people walk away unhurt. That was not the only thing that was a little far fetched; at times I thought I was watching the Terminator. If you can ignore some of the illogical action scenes it’s a pretty decent film and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.