Side Effects

Steven Soderbergh directs an all-star cast in the psychological thriller, Side Effects. Emily Taylor (Rooney Mara) is anxiously waiting for her husband Martin Taylor (Channing Tatum) to be released … [Read more...]


Director Steven Soderbergh brings in a female mixed martial artist with no acting experience to play a Bond-Bourn like character in the action, thriller Haywire. Gina Corano is a freelance, covert … [Read more...]


Director Steven Soderbergh assembles an all-star cast for a disaster film about a disease that is killing people all over the world in the suspense, thriller Contagion. When Beth Emaoff (Gwyneth … [Read more...]

Ocean's Twelve

The all-star cast has returned from Oceans 11 to film the crime, action, comedy Oceans 12. Three years after the last heist takes place the leader of Oceans 11 played by George Clooney gathers up all … [Read more...]

Erin Brockovich

A great movie for women who need to be inspired and men who want to see a lot of cleavage is Erin Brockovich. This is a true story about a smart, sensitive, sexy and sassy file clerk named Erin … [Read more...]

Out of Sight

A movie you may want to think twice about seeing is Out of Sight (no pun intended). It was definitely out of my sight. From what I could hear, George Clooney portrayed a bank robber named Jack who … [Read more...]