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Director Steven Soderbergh brings in a female mixed martial artist with no acting experience to play a Bond-Bourn like character in the action, thriller Haywire. Gina Corano is a freelance, covert operative named Mallory who does the dirty work for the government provided to her by her handlers. After she goes to Barcelona for a job then off to Dublin where Mallory is double-crossed she is on the run till she has to turn and fight. This film has a list of A list stars like Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Ewan McGregor to name a few. (I’m guessing they owe Steven Soderbergh a couple favors or they wouldn’t be in this movie) This film was shot before Soderbergh’s last film Contagion but for some reason this one comes out second. First this obviously tells us that Soderbergh didn’t have much time to spend on this film and it shows. Second, they will hold the film as long as they can and throw it in the slow time of year where films go to die. If only he would have had somebody else in the lead part. Gina Corano can’t act but she never pretended she could. I was complaining her voice was so flat but then I found out they altered her voice for the movie. (I’m wondering how bad it was before they altered it) I hear the fight scenes were adequate but they were nothing spectacular so what happened with good acting and computer graphics. Last why the stupid title to the move, there was nothing in it having to do with hay or wire. One of the highlights to this film was the slim 1 hour 30 minutes running time and I’m giving it a D+ rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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