Out of Sight

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A movie you may want to think twice about seeing is Out of Sight (no pun intended). It was definitely out of my sight. From what I could hear, George Clooney portrayed a bank robber named Jack who goes to prison for attempting to rob a bank. While in prison he meets several unscrupulous men – who else would be there – and they break out of prison. Yes, for me, that was the highlight of the movie. After he breaks out, a U.S. Marshall named Karen, played by Jennifer Lopez, attempts to capture Jack while he and his friends plan another robbery. Jack and Karen meet on several occasions and things start to heat up between them. Jack and his cohorts are finally in the middle of the heist, when Karen shows up again and has to decide to either arrest him or let him go. George Clooney must have looked pretty good, because later that night my wife kept saying, “Oh, George. . .” in her sleep. There were some funny parts in this movie, but the plot – if th ere was one – left a lot to be desired. There were also a few good action scenes, but the language was so bad I wish I were deaf instead of blind. I reluctantly give this movie a C rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA