Playing for Keeps

Combine a kid's sports film involving soccer and a romantic comedy with several beautiful women and you have the film Playing For Keeps. Gerard Butler is an former soccer star who would like to … [Read more...]

The Express

Ernie Davis was the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy and the drama, The Express tells his true life story from beginning to end. In 1959, the talented and famous Jim Brown (Darrin … [Read more...]

Vantage Point

If you enjoy the anticipation of opening presents at Christmas, only to have them taken away over and over again, you may want to see the action thriller Vantage Point. While in Spain for an … [Read more...]

The Alamo

Whether you're a history buff or a Texan, you will definitely enjoy this version of one of America's most memorable battles, The Alamo. This story takes place in the year1836 when 183 Texans lead by … [Read more...]

The Day After Tomorrow

Hurricanes, tornados, tidal waves and sub-freezing temperatures are just some of the catastrophic weather conditions that take place in the disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. Dennis Quaid is a … [Read more...]

The Rookie

If you're looking for a family oriented movie (I know they're hard to find) and you enjoy baseball, you'll want to check out the inspiring drama, The Rookie. This is a true story about Jimmy Morris … [Read more...]


The latest Twilight Zone-type movie, Frequency, changes the past with some rather unexpected consequences. John Sullivan (James Caviezel) is a homicide detective who can't seem to get his life … [Read more...]