The Rookie

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If you’re looking for a family oriented movie (I know they’re hard to find) and you enjoy baseball, you’ll want to check out the inspiring drama, The Rookie. This is a true story about Jimmy Morris (Dennis Quaid), a 37-year-old chemistry teacher and baseball coach whose dreams of becoming a baseball pitcher were dashed after a shoulder injury 15 years earlier. When one of Jim’s students sees him pitch a fastball he tells his coach he is good enough to pitch in the major leagues. The students decide to make a deal with Jim – if the team makes it to the State play-offs, Jim has to try out for the major leagues. Of course, they make it to State and Jim has to keep his end of the bargain. It’s hard to believe, but when he pitches the ball 98 miles an hour at try-outs he is called to pitch in the minor leagues with a chance of being picked up by the Majors. This is a heart-warming baseball film that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s somewhat predictable (okay, very predictable) but it’s a true story and the facts speak for themselves. Surprisingly, this is only the second G rated movie of the year. That’s because they didn’t show the baseball players fighting each other and cursing at the umpires. It’s a good baseball film, but I’ve seen better (okay, heard better) and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a G rating by the MPAA

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