Wonder Woman

DC Comics brings the first major female superhero to the big screen in the action adventure, Wonder Woman. This original story begins on the secluded Island Themysbira where a young Amazon named … [Read more...]

Star Trek Beyond

The Starship Enterprise is in its third year of a five-year mission in the movie, Star Trek Beyond. The year is 2263 and the USS Enterprise intercepts an escape pod that drifts out of a nebula in … [Read more...]

The Finest Hours

Based on true events the drama-action-thriller, The Finest Hours, highlights the most daring rescue in Coast Guard history. The year is 1952 and off the coast of Cape Cod a major storm with seventy … [Read more...]

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

For the fifth time in twenty-five years we will see Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan and this time the franchise is being rebooted in the action-thriller, Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit. In a short … [Read more...]


Director Tony Scott and Denzel Washington team up in another train movie after they worked together in last years Taking of Pelham 123 but this time it’s a runaway train in the action thriller … [Read more...]

Star Trek

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what a Tribble is or if you have a Star Fleet Uniform in your closet, you’ll enjoy revisiting the original crew of the starship Enterprise in the sci-fi film, Star … [Read more...]

Blind Dating

If you think you would enjoy the humor in seeing a blind guy running down a hill into a tree (no it’s not me) then you will probably like the light-hearted comedy Blind Dating. Chris Pines plays a … [Read more...]