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Director Tony Scott and Denzel Washington team up in another train movie after they worked together in last years Taking of Pelham 123 but this time it’s a runaway train in the action thriller Unstoppable. When a train a half a mile in length full of toxic waste begins moving by itself at speeds over 70 miles an hour a dispatcher played by Rosario Dawson has to clear the track ahead till it can be stopped. Thankfully a train engineer played by Denzel Washington and a conductor played by Chris Pine are on an engine down the track at a spot where they can chase it down and make an attempt to stop it before it crashes into the town of Scranton Pa. Yes I know it sounds a little far fetched but believe it or not this is based on a true story. (Well really really loosely based) The real train was in another state, less cars, no hazardest waste and probably was moving slow enough for me to jump on. This is one of those films that do just what an action film is supposed to do. It is fast paced, energetic, no romance and to it’s credit the time passes so fast the movie is over before you know it. This is just a fun, entertaining action flick and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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