Christopher Nolan writes and directs the historic events surrounding the evacuation of British, Canadian, and French soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk during World War II in the war drama, Dunkirk. … [Read more...]

The Revenant

Inspired by true events from the old west in the early 1800's, a man is attacked by a bear, caught in a buffalo stampede, attacked by Indians, and much more in the dramatic adventure-thriller, The … [Read more...]

Mad Max, Fury Road

After several attempts to make the classic film Mad Max in 2003 and again in 2009, writer director George Miller finally succeeds in bringing us a reboot of the action- adventure-thriller, Mad Max, … [Read more...]


Director Gavin O'Connor perfectly balances emotion and actions with a broken family involved with Mixed Martial Arts in the sports, drama Warrior. Tom Hardy plays a marine who comes home after 14 … [Read more...]


Director Christopher Nolan writes and directs one of the most intelligent films of the year with the Sci-fi, drama-thriller, Inception. Set in the future, corporate espionage is being performed by … [Read more...]