New Years Eve

Garry Marshall directs another film with an all-star cast and vignettes that take place during the holidays, in the romantic film New Years Eve. One story takes place near Times Square around New … [Read more...]

Life As We Know It

It seems now days so many films are made from old television shows but in the case of the romantic, comedy Life As We Know It we could have a television pilot ready for next season. When the married … [Read more...]

The Ugly Truth

Most of the time it’s the raunchy humor that makes a chick flick guy friendly and that’s definitely the case in the romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth. Abby Richter (Katherine Heigl) is the producer of … [Read more...]

Knocked Up

If your interested in viewing a film that isn’t a sequel but more of a companion piece to the surprise hit 40 Year Old Virgin, u will not want to miss the hilarious comedy Knocked Up. Seth Rogen plays … [Read more...]