Knocked Up

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If your interested in viewing a film that isn’t a sequel but more of a companion piece to the surprise hit 40 Year Old Virgin, u will not want to miss the hilarious comedy Knocked Up. Seth Rogen plays a pot smoking under-achiever who meets a beautiful career woman played by Kathrine Heigl in a night club one evening and they have a one night stand. Eight weeks later she finds out she is pregnant and they try to put aside their differences for the future baby’s sake. This film has an abundance of one-liners, an original story and most of all with so many empathetic situations it has heart. The 2 lead characters are an appealing couple and if they or one of the supporting casts are in a scene there are plenty of laughs. Please don’t take kids to this movie and maybe if you’re planning to take your grand parents think again. Even before I attended this movie I was told that I will be wishing that I couldn’t hear some of the bad language and I will not be able to see the bedroom scenes. (I’m still not sure if they were talking about wishing I couldn’t hear the harsh language or wishing I could see the sex scenes.) I think this will be the sleeper hit of the summer and with a little tweaking it could have been even better then a B+ rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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