Blade Runner 2049

In 1982, Riddley Scott directed the science fiction classic Blade Runner and it's only taken 35 years for the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, to be made. In the original movie, we saw Blade Runners who … [Read more...]

Ender's Game

Jay and Noel talk about the newest Harrison Ford movie from best selling author Orison Scott Card. … [Read more...]

Cowboys and Aliens

Jon Favreau the Director of the Iron Man movies turns his directing skills to the action, western, sci-fi film Cowboys and Aliens. The time is 1873 in New Mexico and a cowboy played by Daniel Craig … [Read more...]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Back by popular demand, producer George Lucas and director Steven Spielberg have reunited for the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones series titled, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal … [Read more...]

What Lies Beneath

If you're looking for a good suspense-thriller, you'll enjoy What Lies Beneath. Claire Spencer (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a housewife living in Vermont who feels lonely after her daughter goes off to … [Read more...]

Six Days, Seven Nights

A good movie you may want to see this week is Six Days and Seven Nights. This adds up to 13 and even though unlucky for most people, it isn't for our hero who is stranded on an island with a beautiful … [Read more...]