Grownups 2

Dennis Dugan directed several comedies including Grown Ups in 2010, and he has once again teamed-up with Adam Sandler in Grown Ups 2. Beginning exactly where Grown Ups left off with Lenny Feder … [Read more...]

The Benchwarmers

If you’re into watching juvenile humor involving belching, diarrhea, wedges, nose picking and of course fart jokes then you probably will be running to see the comedy The Benchwarmers. Rob Schneider, … [Read more...]

The Emperor’s New Groove

A very funny animated Disney film, The Emperor's New Groove is the story of an Emperor being turned into a llama. Emperor Kuzco (voice-David Spade) is a spoiled emperor who wants to tear down a nearby … [Read more...]

Lost and Found

Warning! Unless you want to see one of those original, predictable Hollywood plots, stay away from Lost and Found. I wish I had gotten lost on the way to the theater and found at my favorite … [Read more...]