Minority Report

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Director Steven Spielberg is back with futuristic cars, highflying jetpacks and robotic spiders in the science fiction thriller Minority Report. The year is 2054 and detective John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is head of the Pre-crime Unit in Washington D.C. There have been no murders in Washington in six years because three humans called “pre-cogs” predict the murders up to 36 hours in advance. I’m glad my wife can’t predict when I’m going to do something wrong or I would be in the doghouse all the time. Anderton is the best cop in the Pre-crime Unit, until his name comes up as a murderer. Anderton has less then two days before his murder takes place so he goes on the run and the rest of the Pre-crime cops go after him. Anderton tries to stay hidden, but the primary form of security in the world is retinal scanning, so he has a doctor replace his eyeballs with eyes from an innocent man. It’s a good thing he didn’t receive my eyeballs or being in the dark woul d have taken on a whole new meaning. Anderton finds out that when all three of the precogs don’t agree on a future murder a minority report is filed in the brain of the female pre-cog named Agatha. Now he has to sneak back into the Pre-crime building and kidnap Agatha to prove that there are flaws in the system. This film is fantastic. The plot is original, the acting is great, the action is non-stop and the story is fabulous. I couldn’t see anything wrong with this movie (with good reason) and I give it an A rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA