Rob Marshall directs a musical based on the very popular Broadway show involving a film director with to many women in his life title nine. Daniel Day Lewis plays the movie director Guido Contini who … [Read more...]

The Golden Compass

Human souls manifested as animals, talking polar bears and witches are just a few of the interesting characters you’ll find in the fantasy film, The Golden Compass. Based on Philip Pullman’s Dark … [Read more...]

The Invasion

The sci-fi film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, was made in 1956 and was a huge box office draw. A 1978 remake proved to be just as popular as the original, and Hollywood is making a third attempt … [Read more...]

The Stepford Wives

With an outstanding cast director Frank Oz remakes the 1975 science fiction comedy The Stepford Wives. After a nervous breakdown the president of a television network played by Nicole Kidman is taken … [Read more...]

Eyes Wide Shut

Strange, weird and completely bizarre don't begin to describe the Stanley Kubrick film, Eyes Wide Shut. My eyes were wide shut and that's probably the best way to see this film. In this drama Dr. Bill … [Read more...]