American Assassin

Based on one of many books by Vince Flynn, the action thriller American Assassin highlights the adventures of CIA agent Mitch Rapp. Twenty-three-year-old Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien) witnesses the … [Read more...]

The Founder

If you've ever wondered how McDonald's came to be the biggest fast food restaurant in the world, check out the biography, The Founder. In the early 1950's two brothers, Dick McDonald (Nick Offerman) … [Read more...]


The original half-man-half-machine cop was introduced in 1987 and 28 years later we have a remake in the sci-fi, action film, Robocop. The year is 2028 and the CEO (Michael Keaton) of multinational … [Read more...]

White Noise

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon is the focus for the horror, suspense-thriller White Noise. Jonathon Rivers (Michael Keaton) is an architect who is happily married to his wife, author Anna Rivers … [Read more...]