Alien: Covenant

Jays Rating:

Ridley Scott directs Alien Covenant, which is the second movie in the new Alien trilogy takes place ten years after Prometheus from 2012. Two thousand colonists are traveling to a new planet in a spaceship called the Covenant when something unexpected happens to the ship causing the crew Daniels (Katherine Waterstone), Oram (Billy Crudup) and Tennessee (Danny McBride) to be awakened early. An android named Walter (Michael Fassbender) is the one who wakes up the crew and before long they hear a voice – and follow it – to another planet that looks much better than the one they originally had their sights set on. When they land, they meet an android named David (Michael Fassbender) who was left behind by the first spaceship that landed ten years before. (I guess aliens don’t like to kill androids.) Oh, I forgot to mention that before meeting David a soldier steps on an egg sack sending spores into the air which he inhales and the horror begins again. Aliens. Popping out of people’s bodies. Awesome. One of the best things about the first Alien film was man versus the unknown. That hurts this movie a little because the alien isn’t unknown, in fact, we know exactly what it looks like and where it lives. (Even I know what it looks like from 1979.) Yes, there are a few times when you’ll jump out of your skin and as expected, several smart people doing stupid things so they have a reason to be killed. Of course, in the first 45 minutes, we can speculate how many people are going to be slaughtered and even who the victims will be. The story does have good build-up, it’s fast paced, and blood, and more blood. (After one gory scare that made everyone jump, I felt liquid on my arm and thought it was blood, but it was just my drink.) There isn’t really anything original in this film except full nudity. (A first in any Alien movie.) I’m giving this violent but entertaining film a B- rating.