Boo, A Madea Halloween

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She’s back! This time Madea fights off ghouls, goblins, pissed-off clowns and zombies in, Boo, A Madea Halloween. When Brian (Tyler Perry) a newly divorced attorney from Atlanta must go out of town he needs to find someone to keep a close eye on his smart-mouthed, disobedient, seventeen-year-old daughter Tiffany (Diamond White). Brian shouldn’t have to do this, but he overheard Tiffany making plans to go to a Halloween party at a fraternity house that he told her was off limits. Brian asks his outspoken, rough-around- the-edges Aunt Madea (Tyler Perry) to stay the night in his house to make sure Tiffany stays home. Madea shows up at Brian’s house with her brother Joe (Tyler Perry), her Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis) and friend Hattie (Patrice Lovely). Later that night when Tiffany sneaks out, Madea, Hattie, and Aunt Bam crash the party at the frat house making the kids really mad. In an attempt to get even, the frat boys dress up in all kinds of costumes and terrify the old people – but Madea has the last laugh. Like all Madea films, Tyler Perry is the writer, producer, director, and star of the film. This is a typical Madea movie with silly antics and insults flying around and a life lesson in the end. Usually, it’s okay to bring your kids, but this time the language is a little more harsh than usual, there is drug use, and it’s even a little violent. Surprisingly it only took six days to shoot this film, and it shows. Yes, some of the jokes were funny but not hilariously funny like most Madea movies. Also, there were multiple scenes where the group was trading insults and the dialogue just drug on and on. My wife tells me I ramble, but Perry actually has the chance to edit at some point. (I wonder if my wife edits me out. Hmmm.) It’s been three years since the last Madea film, and I’m guessing it may be even longer till the next one. This isn’t great cinema by any stretch, but it’s still entertaining, and I’m giving it a B- rating.