My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Jays Rating:

It’s been fourteen years since the highest grossing romantic comedy surprised everyone and now the entire cast and crew is back in, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. In this latest story, Toula (Nia Vareolos) and her husband Ian (John Corbett) have a daughter named Paris (Elena Kampouris) who is about to graduate from high school. Toula lives on the same street with all of her Greek family including her parents, Gus (Michael Contantine) and Maria (Lainie Kadan), and is still working in her parent’s Greek restaurant. Toula is distressed because Paris is considering leaving her Greek neighborhood to attend college in New York. Then Gus and Maria learn they aren’t married because their priest forgot to sign the marriage certificate. The good news is the Portokalos family gets to plan an even bigger and fatter Greek wedding than before! Hold your Opa – now Maria doesn’t wants to marry Gus after fifty years of his disrespect and calling her his employee at his restaurant. This sequel is very similar then the first film with more Greek food, Greek jokes, and Greek family. Nia Vareolos who is the star of both movies wrote the first strip and tries to duplicate her success with this one. The problem is, no matter how good a sequel is it really needs to be better with new jokes and characters. In fairness, it has a couple new characters with big names like Rita Wilson and John Stamos but the script definitely isn’t any better. Yes, it’s humorous, heartwarming and so much cleaner than most comedies out there, but we basically aren’t introduced to anything new. The great thing is I can take my parents and grandparents to this movie because there are no four letter words or sexual jokes. (At least I didn’t see any!) I don’t think this comedy will be as big a hit as the first film and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.  I rely more on a good story line than special effects.