London Has Fallen

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It’s only been three years since the surprisingly popular film Olympus has Fallen and there is already a sequel titled London Has Fallen. Mike Fanning (Gerard Butler) is in the secret service and typing up his resignation letter so he can spend more time with his pregnant wife. His plans change when the British Prime Minister mysteriously passes away and the president of the United States, Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and other leaders of foreign countries are scheduled to attend the funeral. Fanning is asked to escort the president and as soon as they arrive in England, terrorists begin destroying famous landmarks in London and assassinating the world leaders. The terrorists are being led by the father and son team of Aamir Barkowi (Alon Boueboul) and Kamron Barkowi (Waleed Zuaiter) who are able to go unnoticed by dressing up as cops, ambulance drivers and other civil servants. The main goal is to capture President Asher and broadcast his death on the internet. The terrorists begin chasing Fanning and President Asher all over London while Vice President Trumbull (Morgan Freeman) sends the American military to help rescue them. In some ways, this film is better than its predecessor. It actually takes place in different areas of the city of London instead of being confined to the White House. It’s still formulaic and we’ve heard this rough dialogue and seen these action scenes in similar types of movies in the past. (Okay, maybe you never saw a motorcycle driver crash through the back window of a car just to be shot in the head by someone in the back seat?) It’s simply not credible that dozens of terrorists can infiltrate England without detection, but my wife said the action scenes seemed realistic and were very well executed. I’m giving this entertaining film a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA