Ride Along 2

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Shoot-outs, heart pounding car chases, and Kevin Hart screaming like a girl is what you’ll find in the comedy, Ride Along 2. Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) has just graduated from the police academy and is about to marry his fiancée, Angela Payton (Pika Sumpter). When Angela’s brother James Payton (Ice Cube), a detective for the Atlanta police department, is sent to Miami to interrogate a suspect Ben asks, well begs, to ride along. He wants to prove himself to be a great cop to the police department and also to Angela. James does everything he can to avoid taking his future brother-in-law along, but when Angela asks James to take Ben out of her hair until the wedding, he relents. (I guess she figures she will have the rest of her life with him and needs one last break.) In Miami the duo has several run-ins with drug dealers, they hang out with bikini clad women and Ben even has a fight with a Florida alligator. (Okay, it’s a digital alligator and a poor one according to the audience.) This film is formulaic, cliché, juvenile, and silly – just what you would expect from this type of movie. Like I say quite often, who cares. It’s funny and entertaining and that’s all that matters. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube work well together, but they don’t seem to have the chemistry that some famous buddy cop movies have. Maybe it will be there by, say Ride Along 7? I don’t think the script was as good as the first Ride Along, but it was funnier and the audience laughed the whole way through. At least this film isn’t a waste of your time (maybe a waste of your money though) and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA