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Fantastic music, stunning foreign locations and a few new gadgets, make the action film Spectre feel like a throwback to the old Bond films. The action begins in the middle of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico with guns, helicopters, a huge explosion and James Bond-007 (Daniel Craig) is fabulous. Bond returns to London where M (Ralph Siennes) is in a power struggle to keep a global security force called Nine Eyes from taking over and disbanding the double 0 program. When M tells Bond not to involve himself in the case, he disobeys orders, steals a prototype car from Q (Ben Wishaw), and takes off across Europe. (Of course this car can shoot bullets – if loaded, fires 15 foot flames out the exhaust, and has a well known ejection seat.) 007 has pieced together that the shadowy organization known as Spectre is directly involved in M’s problem and the leader Overhauser Christoph Waltz has ties to his past. To track down Overhauser, Bond travels to a clinic in the Alps where he finds a beautiful psychiatrist (do you expect anything less) named Dr Madeleine Swanne (Lea Seydoux), who points him in the direction of Overhauser. They team up together and travel the world with incredible action scenes on trains, boats and of course in and out of airplanes. (There is even a gunfight in the middle of snow covered mountains. I can’t make this stuff up.) In typical Bond fashion, 007 has to rescue Dr. Swanne at least once and then escape his own capture a couple times while dispatching bad guys right and left. The last couple of Bond films were darker and even though this movie is still a little dark it’s also a little more on the campy side. (That’s the Bond I remember and love.) We are also treated with the 007 theme song throughout the movie and a fantastic opening song from Sam Smith. This is director Sam Mendes second Bond film and he knows how the audience wants to experience Bond. My wife really likes to see Bond, well, Daniel Craig with his shirt off, which happens quite frequently in this movie. (Give me a Bond car and an exploding watch and I would look good with my shirt off, too.) This is the longest Bond film at almost 2 and a half hours, and the most expensive costing between 3 and 3.5 million. That doesn’t mean it’s the best – but it’s pretty darn close and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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