The Visit

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M.Night Shyamalan writes, produces, and directs his best film in 10 years with the horror comedy, The Visit.  When two siblings, Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) are asked by their grandparents to visit their old farmhouse in Pennsylvania, their mom (Kathryn Hahn) reluctantly allows them to go.  She was hesitant considering the kids had never met their grandparents because their mom left home years before and has not seen her parents for over sixteen years.  Becca arrives with a camera to make a documentary about her grandparents and Tyler walks around rapping about what goes on in the house. (Yes, the rapping was a little annoying.) The kids aren’t there for even one night when their grandparents, Nana (Deanna Dunagan) and Papa (Peter Mcrodbie) begin acting weird and slightly crazy.  Within the first few days a game of hide and seek turns scary, Nana tries to have Becca crawl into her oven, and everyone avoids going into the basement because of mold.  (Okay, the oven scene was really funny and a little creepy.) I love the way this film blends horror with humor and in typical M.Night Shyamalan fashion there is a big twist in the end.  (No, I didn’t see it coming.)  The actors that played the two kids and the two grandparents were perfect.  Their antics kept the audience laughing at the same time they were screaming.  Now I wouldn’t say this movie was hilarious but my wife was laughing pretty hard and may not agree with me.  This film cost M.Night Shyamalan five million dollars to make and I’m sure he is hoping to have a hit or at least not a bomb.  It may not be for everyone considering the moments of really gross humor and old people nudity. (Yes, blindness was a blessing during the hysterical flash of nakedness!)  I’m giving this funny scary film a B- rating.         

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA