Jay’s surprises and disappointments for the Summer of 2015

The summer of 2015 had plenty of great films and some that weren’t so great. Here are some of jay’s surprises and disappointments and his remarks. If you have any movies that you think were good or bad leave a comment on his Facebook page.

Jurassic World
Stars Chris Pratt
This Movie has great character development and action that doesn’t slow down till the end.

Stars Adrian Grenier.
This television show made into a film just isn’t funny. It’s has a lame story, juvenile jokes and raunchy site gats.

Stars Paul Rudd
A new crime fighter in a Marvel comic’s story that is the most family friendly super hero film made in years.

Stars Adam Sandler.
This film is charmless, not really funny and will probably only be enjoyed by video gamers from the 1980’s.

Stars Amy Schumer.
This film has a lot of fresh ideas. This is the most hilarious film of the summer and maybe the year.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Stars Henry Calvill.
This really isn’t a bad film but without a strong villain and also having such a weak script it’s really disappointing.

Mad Max, Fury Road
Stars Tom Hardy.
Not only is the music heart pounding and intense but the story is fast paced and full of action.

Hitman, Agent 47
Stars Rupert Friend.
This is a poorly written script that doesn’t even have an action hero the audience cares about.