Terminator Genisys

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Twelve years ago, Arnold said he would be back and he is – in the fifth Terminator film titled, Terminator Genisys. The future looks bright because the human resistance group is winning the war over Skynet but John Connor (Jason Clarke) the leader of the resistance group, finds out a Terminator is going to be sent back in time to kill his mother Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke). (Haven’t we seen this before?) John quickly sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) a member of the resistance back to 1984 to warn Sarah and stop the assassin. Unfortunately, he meets an Asian T-1000 (Byung-hun Lee) who has blades for hands and will stop at nothing to fulfill his mission to kill Sarah. Kyle and Sarah escape the T-1000 with the help of the Guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who is an older Terminator sent to protect Sarah. (See, he’s back.) To stop Genisys – which is a mobile app set up by Skynet – they jump to the year 2017 where they meet an even older Guardian. (No, he doesn’t have a cane or walker.) This is when the fighting really begins with a new modern Terminator against an older worn out one. I know what everyone is thinking: “How come the Guardian has old skin and gray hair since he is an android?” Well, the explanation is that the tissue on the Guardian (a 67 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger) is actually human skin that was grown there so it ages like a normal person. (That doesn’t explain the gray hair.) This film doesn’t have anything new from the other Terminator movies and in fact it has less action, violence, funny one-liners and a lot less originality. All of these attributes are what made the Terminator franchise so popular. Now I have to admit, I do enjoy a lot of the sequels and reboots of many franchise films and some of them are just as good or better than the originals – but this isn’t one of them. (Okay this may be better than the last Terminator but that isn’t saying much.) This has more time travel, alternate time lines and time displacement and if you’re blind it makes your head spin. Good or bad we will probably see two more Terminators because in 2019 the franchise reverts back to James Cameron so the studio will want to squeeze a few more dollars out of the audience. Yes, the plot is ridiculous but I’m giving this somewhat entertaining film a C+ rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA