July 4th Movie Picks!

Here are 5 of Jay’s favorite films that take place over the July 4th weekend. Some of the story in these movies revolves around July 4th and others just show off their patriotism.


Starring: Roy Schneider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss.

Plot line – A huge great white shark begins to menace a small island community on the July 4th weekend.

1975 MPAA PG


Starring Sylvester Stallone.

Plot Line – A small time boxer named Rocky Balboa gets a chance to fight Apollo Creed the heavy weight champion of the world on the July 4th weekend.

1976 MPAA PG.

Red Dawn

Starring: Patrick Swayze

Plot Line – A group of teenagers band together to defend their small Midwestern town and the country from invading Soviets which comes to a climax over the July 4th weekend.

1984 MPAA PG13

Independence Day

Starring Will Smith.

Plot Line – Aliens invade Earth over the July 4th weekend and humanity fights to repel them.

1996 MPAA PG13

Live Free or Die Hard

Starring: Bruce Willis.

Plot Line – When someone hacks into the FBI’s cyber crime division and no agents are around because it’s July 4th and a cop named John McClane is called in to help.

2007 MPAA PG13