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Based on the theme park at Disneyland, the family adventure film Tomorrowland is just as unique. Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) is a bright, optimistic teenager with a vivid imagination who lives with her NASA engineer father, Eddie Newton (Tim McGraw) and her younger brother Nate (Pierce Gagnon). Her life is changed when she finds a “badge,” touches it and is briefly transported to an alternate place and dimension called Tomorrowland. Casey is approached by a young girl named Athena (Raffiey Cassidy) who says she knows about a magical place called Tomorrowland and can introduce Casey to an adult who can help her understand the concept. (I’m not sure I understand the concept of Tomorrowland except that it’s a theme park.) Casey goes to the house of an eccentric inventor named Frank Walker (George Clooney) and she asks him to take her to Tomorrowland. (I was wondering why she doesn’t use the badge but …) Frank doesn’t want to be bothered, but when robots from Tomorrowland attack them they both go on the run. Athena rescues them and the three finally end up in Tomorrowland where they have to save the magical city. This film has a unique story that begins at the 1964 Worlds Fair. There is action throughout and George Clooney delivers a few laughs while being a grumpy middle aged man. The film is full of action but it is a little complicated which ends in some sort of wormhole battle that doesn’t make much sense. Now, I do know the sound track is fantastic and when the magical city of Tomorrowland was on screen the audience was enthralled. I’m still trying to figure out who the target audience is supposed to be? The film is two hours and ten minutes long and around the two-hour mark, kids in the audience start squirming. (I was fidgeting myself.) I can’t see adults clambering to see this unless their kids want to go or they’re a kid at heart. I’m giving this interesting film a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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