The Longest Ride

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Writer Nicholas Sparks has already had nine of his novels make it to the big screen and his tenth book will also be viewed by millions in the romance drama, The Longest Ride. Former rodeo star, Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) is trying to make a comeback in bull riding when he meets college art student, Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson). The two begin to fall in love but Sophia is just about to move to New York to complete her internship at an art museum and Luke’s life is all about bull riding. (I don’t know what Sophia looks like but she has to look better then a bull.) On the way home from one of their dates, Luke and Sophia come across a car crash with an old man named Ira Ledinson (Alan Alda) trapped in the car. There was a box of love letters in the backseat, so they put the box in their car and took the man to the hospital. After Ira is checked into the hospital, Sophia begins to read the love letters to him while the audience sees the whole story about love and sacrifice in flashbacks. In the meantime, Luke is hurt again while bull riding and he has to decide if he is going to quit for good while Sophia has to make a decision if she wants to go to New York and never see Luke again. This film may be Nicholas Sparks’s best movie since his blockbuster, The Notebook. Surprisingly, the addition of Alan Alda to the cast really added a spark, a lot of heart and made it an even better film. Scott Eastwood is fantastic in a romantic role and I have to admit I was waiting to see if he would borrow the notorious one-liner from his dad, Clint Eastwood, “Do you feel lucky?” (He could have easily used it as a pick-up line.) Of course, this movie wouldn’t work if it weren’t for the chemistry between Eastwood and Robertson. The parallel love stories from different times brought depth to the story and reminded me of The Notebook. Yes, it’s predictable, but that doesn’t take anything from the film. There were some small surprises – okay, very, very small. The ladies will love this film and even the guys might enjoy It and I’m giving it a B+ rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA