Run All Night


Liam Neeson is an aging hit man who has to fight a brutal mob boss in the action, thriller, Run All Night. Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) lives in New York working for the mob as a hit man for his best friend, mob boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris). Jimmy has been trying to deal with excessive drinking, bad dreams of all of the people he has killed, and his relationship with his estranged son, Mike Conlon (Joel Kinnaman). All this changes when Shawn finds out that his son Danny Maguire (Boyd Holbrook) was killed by Jimmy – even though it was only to save Jimmy’s own son, Mike. Shawn promises to kill his friend Jimmy and his son Mike even if it takes all night. (I’m guessing Shawn thinks it won’t take very long or else they just need a good title for the movie.) Jimmy and Mike are chased all over New York by crooked cops, another hit man, and the rest of the mob. When this film came up on my radar I was thinking of how many action films I had seen in the last year (or heard in my case) involving ex-hit men or ex-secret agents. Let me take a look (no pun intended) at how many there and how many involve Liam Neeson. Okay there is The Equalizer, RED 2, November Man and involving Neeson are Taken 3, A Walk Among The Tombstones and Non-Stop. (Okay, Neeson was an ex-cop in Non-Stop but who’s counting except me.) So, does Run All Night bring anything new to the table? Absolutely not. Does that mean you should see it? Go ahead, because if you are like me and many other red-blooded men, it really doesn’t matter if there is anything new or not. Liam Neeson is perfect as an ex-hit man and Ed Harris is great as his counterpart. Great acting, fast paced action, and even a different ending make it watchable. Yes, Neeson’s character is one dimensional – kind of like the movie – but who cares. It’s fun even if you are blind and can’t see all of the action. I’m giving a B- rating to this entertaining but violent film.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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