Jays Rating:

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez lend their singing and acting voices to the animated family film, Home. This story begins with an alien race called the Boovs invading earth and moving all of the humans to Australia. (Remember, this is a kid’s movie.) When a little purple Boov named Oh (voice of Jim Parsons) who is always messing things up, sends out an email to his friends for a housewarming party he accidentally sends it out to the whole galaxy. This includes the Boovs enemies called the Gorg who the cowardly Boovs have been running from for decades. Immediately the leader of the Boovs, Captain Smek (voice of Steve Martin) sends a Boovs traffic cop named Kyle (voice of Matt Jones) to find Oh and bring him in so he can delete the email. Oh goes on the run and meets a little girl named Gratuity Tutti, also known as Tip (voice of Rihanna) who is looking for her mother, Lucy (voice of Jennifer Lopez). Oh promises that she’ll help Tip find her mother. This film is quite imaginative, creative, and down right cute. Rihanna sings many of the songs in this movie and combined with Jennifer Lopez – the music one of the high points. The kids will love the aliens, but adults will probably want to hear more of the “over the kids heads” jokes that are popular in most animated films. (Remember who has the keys for the car.) Even though this movie is fun it does drag a little. Maybe a little more action for the kids and some funny one-liners for the adults would have helped. (Especially if you’re blind and can’t see purple Boovs.) It does have a nice theme about friendship but that seems to be the basis for most animated films. This is a good kids movie but definitely not spectacular and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA