Kingsman, The Secret Service

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A remote control poison pen, an umbrella that shoots bullets and an electrified ring are just a few of the gadgets in the action film, Kingsman, The Secret Service, based on the comic book series written by Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons. The Kingsman are a group of seven secret agents who rely on high-tech gadgets and superb physical training to protect the world from megalomaniacs. The story begins in 1997 when the life of one of the Kingsman, Harry Hart aka Galahad (Colin Firth) is saved by another secret agent while on a mission in the Middle East. Seventeen years later, another one of the Kingsman is killed, so Galahad recruits Gary Unwin aka Eggsy (Taron Ederton) -who happens to be the son the man who saved Galahad’s life 17 years earlier – to go through the Kingsman training course. The training is grueling with impossible obstacles to overcome like escaping a room totally flooded with water and jumping out of a plane with no parachute. (Maybe they are really training to be in the next Bond film…) While the recruits are training, a new world threat emerges in the form of a billionaire named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) who wants to end global warming but plans to kill millions of people in the process. Eggsy teams up with Galahad and other Kingsman agents like Arthur (Michael Caine) and Merlin (Mark Strong) to save the world while Valentine has his number one assassin, Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) attacking the agents with her razor-sharp bionic legs. This movie has everything you would want in a spy film: gadgets, comedy, action, and unrealistic stunts. Everything about this film tops Bond movies from the violence to the comedy. Some of the cool gadgets include exploding microchips, a bullet proof suit, an exploding cigarette lighter and a watch that can shoot tranquilizer darts to name a few. (You can tell the gadgets are my favorite things and I’m wondering if they might have some kind of eye gadgets.) This film is totally ridiculous, but if you remember it’s a spoof on spy films, you’ll bee able to overlook the absurd plot and the silly sexual innuendos. This is what spy movies used to be like 40 years ago. Oh, I almost forgot, I enjoyed the comedy and the music, especially the song Free Bird during an extremely violent and fast paced fight scene. (Yes, I know it’s obvious that I would enjoy the audio since I can’t see, but the music really was great.) This film is tons of brainless fun and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA