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Following his less than spectacular sci-fi film, After Earth, Will Smith took a year off and now he’s back as a con man in the crime, drama, Focus. Nicky (Will Smith) is the head of a con gang that pick peoples pockets, steal their jewelry, and their identity while on the streets of New Orleans. While there, Nicky meets a young woman named Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie) and teaches her the art of being a con artist until he begins to have feelings for her. Not wanting to become romantically involved he leaves town only to run into her two years later on the racecar circuit in Buenos Aires while trying to steal some important information. This time however, Jess looks like she is caught up in a con job of her own and they both run the risk of exposing each other. Unfortunately, this film doesn’t offer anything new to the suspenseful con man genre. It doesn’t help that the romance doesn’t work and the humor just isn’t there. (Well, the movie is promoted as a comedy but I don’t remember laughing.) There is really no chemistry between Smith and Robbie so I’m not sure why I’m not going to trash this film. Maybe it’s because the plot does keep the viewers guessing and I don’t remember ever listening to my watch hoping for it to end. (I’m the only person who can check my watch in a dark theater.) Once again, not a bad movie, but I will probably forget about it in a month. This film is worth watching on television and I’m giving it a C rating.