Fifty Shades of Grey

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D.L. James’s romantic novel comes to the big screen just in time for Valentines Day in the hotly anticipated film (by millions of women) Fifty Shades of Grey. This story begins with college literature student, Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) who is asked by her roommate to interview wealthy businessman, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). Grey finds Anastasia beautiful and she finds him handsome, intimidating, and even a little controlling. (Okay, maybe controlling is an understatement.) After they meet a couple times Anastasia realizes his sexual habits are a little strange, but she finds him irresistible. This all happens in the first half of the film while the second half consists of arguing, sex, a helicopter ride, more arguing, sex, a ride in a glider, and then some spanking. (Oops, I better leave it at that.) First, I obviously didn’t read this book and neither did my wife so she couldn’t help me with a comparison. (Maybe it’s the subject matter.) Women who read the book may be interested to know that Jamie Dornan signed a “no frontal nudity” contract and many sex scenes were cut out because of the MPAA ratings. There were eight sex scenes in the movie so I don’t know how the book could even tell any kind of a legitimate story with so many more sex scenes. The whole cast did learn their lines in 5 days but memorizing is not acting. (Also, with one word answers and a lot of moaning there really weren’t a lot of lines to remember.) The plot is thin and the acting not the best, and I really didn’t care for the film but how many action movies do my wife and other women think fit that same category. I’m not a total prude because I enjoy romantic films like the notebook but this movie is just over the top. On the plus side, the humor hit its mark and kept the film from becoming to dark. Lastly, the chemistry between the 2 leads was okay, steamy at times and wooden at others. I actually thought this movie was a little better then I anticipated (I really expected what was actually in the film but much worse and I’m giving it a C- rating. Disclaimer: The scenes in this movie were done by professionals so don’t try these stunts at home.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA