Big Eyes

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Tim Burton directs the bizarre true story about talented painter Margret Keane in the biopic, Big Eyes. During the 50’s and 60’s, artist Margaret Keane’s (Amy Adams) paintings of people with large eyes became very popular. The problem is her sneaky, underhanded, second husband Walter (Cristoph Waltz) convinced Margaret that people wouldn’t buy the Big Eye paintings if they knew that a woman was doing the work, so he took all the credit. (Talk about male chauvinist) Margaret eventually tires of the emotional abuse, divorces Walter and takes him to court to prove that she is the true painter of the Big Eyes. Now, I’m not exactly a big Tim Burton fan and that’s probably why I like this movie so much. This is the least Tim Burton-like film I think he has ever directed. (Not really weird or bizarre.) The music is totally Tim Burton, but everything else is straightforward. Burton pulls great performances from Amy Adams and Cristoph Waltz. Waltz’s character called for a little over the top acting and he delivers. The film has a couple mildly humorous scenes and near the end it does have a really funny trial scene. (For once the judge used some common sense to figure out the truth.) This may be the most entertaining biography that I have seen – or heard – in a while. I’m giving this compelling and intriguing film an A- rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA