John Wick

Jays Rating:

If you’re in the mood for an action packed revenge film – and there have been several in the past couple months – then the action, thriller John Wick may be the perfect movie for you. John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is an ex-assassin who goes on the war path after his wife passes away and a two bit crook named Tarasad (Alfie Allen) breaks into his house, kills his dog, and steals his 1969 Mustang. (The audience in the theater gasped when his dog was killed but didn’t seem to care when his wife was buried.) Viggo Parasov (Michael Nyqvist) is the head of the Russian mob and when he finds out Wick is after his son, he sends a group of gunmen to kill Wick. When Wick kills all the gunmen – it was awesome – Viggo sends several hit men after Wick, but luckily, one of the hit men is his ex-partner Marcus (Willem Dafoe) and he actually used his expert marksmanship to help Wick out. (Not that he needed any help.) I will be up front and mention that there isn’t really anything fresh or newsworthy about this over the top action film. When I say over the top, I mean at least one hundred people are killed by hand-to-hand combat and gunfire with over one thousand shots fired. (Yes, I counted the shots as they were happening.) I have to admit this is the first film where the assassin can make one phone call and a disposal team comes to the house to clean up all of the dead bodies. Yes, it’s brutal, violent, implausible, and a mindless non-stop action film. (Did I mention this movie has a lot of action?) The good news is it’s full of great actors and Keanu Reeves is outstanding. He talks mean, shoots straight and continues to fight after he is shot in the stomach. If you are an action junky you’ll love this film and I’m giving it a C+ rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA