Jay’s Top 5 Horror, Thrillers for Halloween

Jay shares his top 5 movies to get you in the Halloween mood!


Date 1979
Rated R
Running Time 117 minutes
Horror Science Fiction

Sigourney Weaver
Director Ridley Scott
An alien stows away on a cargo ship headed back to earth from deep space.


Date 1982
Rated PG
Running Time 114 Minutes

Writer is Steven Spielberg

A family is haunted by a Host of Ghosts.

The Silence of the Lamb

Date 1991
Rating R
Running Time 118 Minutes
Crime Drama Thriller

Jodie Foster
Anthony Hopkins

A young FBI agent tries to gain insight into the twisted mind of a killer by talking to another psychopath.

The Sixth Sense

Date 1999
Rated PG13
Running Time 107 minutes
Drama Mystery Thriller

Bruce Willis

A boy communicates with spirits but doesn’t know they’re dead.

The Mist

Date 2007
Rated R
Running Time 126 minutes
Horror Science Fiction Thriller

Marcia Gay Harden
Story by Stephen King

A freak storm unleashes bloodthirsty creatures in a small town.