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It’s April 1945, just months before the end of World War II and a Sherman tank is sent on a deadly mission behind enemy lines in the action war drama, Fury. Sergeant Don Collier aka Warddey (Brad Pitt) is the tank commander of a 5 man crew that has just returned from an operation where one of his men was killed. When Warddy is sent on another mission deep into Germany he is given a young soldier named Norman Ellison (Logan Lernan) fresh from the typing pool with no combat experience. Warddy introduces Norman to the turret gunner Boyd Swan aka Bible (Shia Labeouf), the tank driver Trini Garcia aka Gordo (Michael Pena) and machine gunner Grady Travis aka Coon (Jon Bernthal) and they head into the heart of Germany. Norman has a hard time killing supposedly innocent people but after American soldiers are killed because of his hesitation to shoot he gradually changes. Be prepared – this film has a raw realism and it’s brutal, violent, and bloody. (Unless you’re blind, then you’re safe.) There are men bayoneted in the face and others who have their heads and legs blown off. Now, it isn’t just a war film but a drama about human nature. The cast is fantastic and their acting is so real they makes you feel like you are in the tank with them with bullets flying around. Okay, maybe Shia Labeouf wanted a little too much realism because supposedly he didn’t shower for weeks so he could really get into his character. (I’m sooo glad my theater wasn’t in 4D with BO being sprayed around the room.) Yes, there are a lot of clichéd war scenes but I think the director did an outstanding job showing what actually can happen in war not only to the soldiers but to the civilians. This film isn’t going to be a war classic like Platoon or Saving Private Ryan, but it’s really good and I’m giving it a B+ rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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