Jay’s Best and Worst of the Summer 2014

Here are my Best and worst films of the summer of 2014. I picked five films I like that made a lot of money and five films that I didn’t care for or were okay at best and flopped at the box office. I added in two surprise hits that no one saw was going to be a hit including me. (Of course I have an excuse)



Budget 18 million Worldwide gross over 260 million This is one of those surprise films of the summer. Zack Efron Seth Rogen Rose Byrne

Transformers Age of Extinction

Budget 210 million Worldwide gross Over 1 Billion No surprise this was going to make a lot of money no matter if it had a plot or not. Mark Wahlberg

22 Jump Street

Budget 50 million Worldwide gross over 315 million The real surprise it made much more money then it prequel. Channing Tatum Dawn of the

Planet of the Apes

Budget 170 million Worldwide gross over 624 million I knew this film would be a hit. Andy Serkis X-Men Days of Future Past Budgut 200 million Worldwide gross over 745 million Biggest money maker of all x-men films. Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence

Worst films


Budget 20 million Worldwide gross over 96 million I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to this movie. Melissa McCarthy A

Million Ways to Die in the West

Budget 40 Million Worldwide gross over 86 Million I was looking forward to a good comedy and I thought it was okay. Seth Macfarlane


Budget 100 million Worldwide gross over 174 million At least it wasn’t as bad as the Hercules film earlier this year. Dwayne Johnson


Budget 40 million Worldwide gross over 123 million Adam Sandler films have not done well lately so I really wasn’t disappointed. Adam Sandler Drew Barrymore

The Expendables 3

Budget not known but thought to be 100 million Worldwide gross over 105 million I wasn’t looking forward to the first Expendables movie and they only got worse as the totals show. Sylvester Stallone Jason Statham Jet Li

Biggest Surprises of the summer

A fault in our Stars

Budget 12 million Worldwide gross over 286 million This is the most profitable film of the summer. Shailene Woodley

Guardians of the Galaxy

Budget 170 million Worldwide gross over 560 million This was a surprise to everyone on how much money it made including me. Chris Pratt Vin Diesel Bradley Cooper