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Luc Besson writes and directs a film with car chases, shoot-outs and some weird scientific babble in the action sci-fi film, Lucy. (Now we know right off the bat who to blame for this mess) This film begins with Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) who is attending college in Taiwan being kidnapped by her boyfriend and then turned over to a South Korean drug gang. (With friends like that who needs enemies.) They plan to use Lucy as a drug mule, so they surgically implant experimental drugs and when one of the bags breaks in her stomach she begins having all kinds of powers. She not only has super strength, but with the wave of her hand she can levitate people, put them to sleep, direct their minds, and control stationary objects. (As ridiculous as it sounds, she is a combination of God and Superman.) She soon turns into a robotic killing machine and goes after the drug gang and slaughters them with very little exertion. In the mean time, Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) a brain researcher, talks about how humans only use 10 percent of their brains and as you can guess, Lucy ingested drugs that enable her to use 100 percent of hers. (I only had to use 1 percent of my brain to know this movie is a piece of crap.) Lucy eventually looks up Professor Norman to find out more about her mental capabilities. This film has a typical start with the set up about the power of our brain but goes downhill after about the first 10 minutes. (Thank goodness it is only an hour and a half long so it didn’t go completely in the toilet.) The main problem is the script. It is so implausible that it can’t be saved no matter who stars in it. Actually, Angelina Jolie turned down the script first which means she didn’t want to run around in a mini-skirt the whole movie Like Johansson. I’m always bellyaching about seeing (no pun intended) original movies -this is no exception – but this one goes too far the other way. I usually love science fiction films but this was just too bizarre and I’m giving it a D rating.