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Melissa McCarthy has been the go-to comedienne the past couple years and now she teams up with her husband Ben Falcone to write and star in the comedy, Tammy. Her day from hell begins with Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) having a car accident followed by getting fired from her job at a Topper Jacks fast food restaurant. She goes home early only to find her husband at home making dinner for another woman. Tammy starts running down the street – 3 doors down – to her mother’s house, picks up her alcoholic grandma Pearl (Susan Sarandon) and they begin a road trip to Niagara Falls. Road trip films are an easy vehicle for comedies (no pun Intended) and in fact, McCarthy starred in another road trip movie as recent as 2013 called, Identity Thief. No matter how great the story or the comedic actress, the script must be interesting, the characters must be colorful, and the director must have an expert understanding of what viewers think is funny. Aside from McCarthy’s great comedic timing and funny improvising, this movie has none of the previously mentioned attributes. First, the writing was sub-par with very few really funny jokes. Yes, when Tammy robs a Topper Jacks with a Topper Jacks bag over her head with eyeholes cut out but that’s about as funny as it gets. (I told my wife I wouldn’t have to have eyeholes cut out, but of course, she said you couldn’t even find the restaurant let alone the counter to rob it. I love it when she’s nice.) Sadly, there are no supporting characters for McCarthy to play off of because Susan Sarandon’s character is loud and slightly raunchy – just like McCarthy – and it would have definitely helped to have a more polarizing character to team up with. The director, Ben Falcone, just doesn’t have the experience to take such a weak script and make it better, which puts the burden on McCarthy to try and save the film. This film is funny, but not nearly as good as her last few films and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA