The Other Woman

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Three outraged women take revenge against one guy in the romantic comedy, The Other Woman. Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) is livid when she finds out her boyfriend Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is married, so she teams up with his wife Kate (Leslie Mann) to make his life miserable. Before they even get a chance to retaliate, both women find out Mark is cheating on them with another woman, a tall beautiful blond named Amber (Kate Upton). I went into this film not expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed. The story was pretty lame and it wasn’t that funny. Sight gags like hair remover in the shampoo bottle and sticking the guy’s toothbrush in nasty places are really juvenile and have been done dozens of times. The acting by Leslie Man and Camron Diaz was adequate, but after a half hour of listening to Kate Upton, I wondered why she was even in the film. Of course, when she appeared on the beach in a white bikini for the second time – even though I’m blind – I was able to answer my own question. (There has to be at least one reason for guys to come to this film.) This is called a romantic comedy but it’s really a revenge comedy. The target audience is definitely women and they laughed throughout the whole film. This film wasn’t really bad – but it wasn’t real good either and I’m giving it a C rating. This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA