That Awkward Moment

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Three friends make a pledge to date, but not to have any serious relationships in the romantic comedy, That Awkward Moment. When an unconvincing doctor named Mikey (Michael B. Jorden) finds out his wife Vera (Jessica Lucas) is cheating on him he tells his friends Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) about his marital problems. The same day that the three friends make a pack about no serious relationships, Jason has a date with Ellie (Imogen Poots) only to leave her in the morning without a goodbye. (Sounds like a real jerk.) Jason later runs into Ellie at his job and for some reason, she forgives him and they begin dating. Things are progressing nicely until her father passes away and Jason doesn’t go to the funeral. In the meantime, unknown to everyone, Daniel begins seriously dating his friend Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis) till they are caught having sex in the bathroom at a party. (Yes, it’s as juvenile as it sounds.) No matter how hard the guys try to convince themselves that they don’t care about these girls, they soon realize that they do like the girls and strangely, the girls snap back to the guys like a rubber band. (Can you say desperate?) Like many of these comedies the script isn’t very good, in fact, it’s downright awful. With the right cast this wouldn’t be a bad thing because the actors can improve the script with some improvising. Unfortunately, these actors aren’t of that caliber and the unoriginal jokes fall flat. Although it does look like the actors are having a good time making this film, it’s to bad the audience doesn’t have as much fun watching it. Be prepared for juvenile jokes, nudity and the F word in almost every sentence. This is what some people might call a date movie but just keep in mind that you may be going home by yourself if you stay till the end. The most awkward moment for me was when somebody asked me to say something nice after the movie and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m giving this annoying, lame film a D rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA