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Ron Howard directs an exciting film about the real-life rivalry between two Formula 1 racecar drivers in the biopic action film, Rush. In 1970, British racecar driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) meets Austrian driver Niki Lauda (Daniel Druhl) for the first time in a Formula 3 Race. James is reckless on the track and a playboy off the track and eventually marries a gorgeous model named Suzy Miller (Olivia Wilde). Around the same time, Niki marries his faithful girlfriend Marlene Lauda (Alexandra Maria Lara) while continuing to be one of the most passionate drivers on the circuit. In 1976 during the race for the World Championship, both drivers fiercely compete against each other to move to the top of Formula One racing circuit when tragedy strikes. This may sound like an action packed racing film, but it’s actually a very human story that focuses on the drivers. There are racing scenes sprinkled throughout the movie keeping up a fantastic pace. Director Ron Howard knows how to squeeze the best performances out of his actors and does it again with Chris Hemsworth. Equally as impressive is the score by Hans Zimmer that keeps the tension at a high level. The two hours rush by -no pun intended- keeping the audience captivated. What this film doesn’t show, is the irony of James Hunt dying at the young age of 45 of a heart attack, and Niki Lauda surviving an horrific car wreck, yet he’s still alive. I’m giving this high octane film a solid A rating.