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Vin Diesel played Riddick, a man with red eyes who could see in the dark in the movies Pitch Black in 2000 and Chronicles of Riddick in 2004 and he returns in the sci-fi action film, Riddick. Marooned on a desolate world with nothing but a dog-like alien for companionship and some sort of serpent predators pursuing him, Riddick finds a distress beacon and activates it. Soon a captain from his past arrives in a spaceship and ruthless mercenaries from another spaceship descend on the planet to cut off his head, but Riddick isn’t easy to kill. (Basically they are just objects for Riddick to slaughter.) The one semi-bright spot in this movie was Vin Diesel who somehow held this film together. It definitely wasn’t the so-so script, cheesy dialogue, or the long, repetitive action scenes that made me want to watch. (No pun intended) The whole movie revolved around bloody violence, bad language, and a solitary woman with an obligatory nude shower scene. (Yes, this is a guy movie.) Vin Diesel, who loves the Riddick character, actually put his house up for collateral so this film could be made. (I’m hoping we will not see him walking the streets in several weeks if it bombs.) Now this isn’t a terrible movie, there are some parts of the film that work and there are a couple clever bits of dialogue. Of course, if you can’t see in the dark like Riddick you may miss them. (You can guess how hard it was for me to find them.) When screening this movie with my friend who said, “It wasn’t that bad.” I countered with my usual, “It wasn’t that good either.” Even though this film lacks originality, it’s what you’d expect from a sci-fi flick and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA