World War Z

Jays Rating:

Zombies seem to be the flavor of the day and you can find thousands of them in the sci-fi, action thriller World War Z. When an infection changes people into zombies 10 seconds after they are bitten a United Nations investigator played by Brad Pitt is asked to find the cure before the world collapses. He travels to Korea, Israel and other countries one step ahead of thousands of Zombies who climb walls, bring down helicopters and hijack planes. (I know it sounds ridiculous but okay yes it is kind of silly) The studio has been trying to make this film for several years but the budget was soon sky high because of numerous rewrites and reshoots. I had a lot of trouble with big plot holes, unexplained sub-plots and unrealistic scenarios. (I’m still not sure why some zombies are really fast and some are slower then I am walking in a crowded room) With all of the problems after almost 2 hours I couldn’t believe it was almost over and I was even entertained. It has some tension, is fast paced and if you just leave your brain at the door you will have fun. (Just make sure a zombie doesn’t eat it) If you are a zombie fan you will probably enjoy this film and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA