After Earth

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M.Night Shyamalan directs a futuristic man against nature film in the action adventure movie After Earth. It’s been a thousand years since humans destroyed Earth and now they live on the planet Noga Prime. When a military father played by Will Smith comes home after a tour of duty in the military he plans to spend time on a short trip with his son played by Jaden Smith in a space craft. When the spaceship is hit by an asteroid and crashes on the unfamiliar planet Earth and the boys father is injured he has to battle creatures and the elements to find a rescue beacon to save them both. The two names who impact this film the most are Jaden Smith and M.Night Shyamalan. First, it seems to be a little unfair to ask a young actor like Jaden Smith to carry 90 percent of this movie. He was flat when he needed to show some emotion and over acted when it wasn’t needed. (He did more grunting then I do carrying back my large popcorn and drink to my seat) Second, I actually thought M.Night Shyamalan did a good job and definitely directed a more entertaining movie then his last 4 outings. (Of course that isn’t saying much) Yes some of the dialog was a little ridiculous but I heard it looked great and it was enjoyable. This film was initially supposed to be about a father and son on a camping trip but producer Will Smith wanted to expand the story so it transformed into a science fiction Movie. This film moved along at a fairly brisk pace, has a nice amount of action and I will give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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