Jays Rating:

The sports film 42 is the true life story about Jackie Robinson the first African American Major league baseball player. In 1947 the Brooklyn Dodger’s president and general manager played by Harrison Ford signs up and outstanding player named Jackie Robinson played by Chadwick Boseman to be on his baseball team. Since segregation is so prevalent during those years Robinson is booed and called names until the players on his team unite and begin to stand up for him. This is one of the best sports films made in the last couple years. Not only do we see the superb athleticism by Jackie Robinson but also his tenacity, patients and bravery. The film really doesn’t have that much baseball in it but some of the scenes involving social discourse will have you talking after the movie. The supporting cast is fantastic and Chadwidck Boseman is Jackie Robinson to everybody in the audience. Some of the baseball plays seem a little exaggerated unless Jackie Robinson had some kind of super powers. I’m giving this inspiring bio-pick an A- rrating.