21 and Over

Jays Rating:

From the makers of The Hangover comes the juvenile comedy 21 and Over.  The night before an important medical school interview Jeff Chang played by Justin Chon is taken out for drinks for his 21st birthday by his 2 friends   played by Miles Teller and Skylar Astin.  When Jeff Chang (they always called him by his full name for some idiotic reason) passes out from drinking too much his friends run into all sorts of problems in returning him home before the next morning and his interview.  Some people are saying this is the Hangover for a younger audience but I’m thinking immature audience is more realistic.  I can deal with excessive drinking, nudity, disgusting site gags and using the F word more then I heard in my total 4 years in high school but too many of the jokes just fell flat.  (You know things are bad when you are blind and the most fun you have is seeing how many F-bombs you can count in 5 minutes)  I think the writers tried to sell the film as a couple guys lost in a college town instead of adding in a substantial story.  Groups of people just seemed too popped in and out at random just to be in some sight gag.  If the acting anywhere would have been at least adequate maybe they could have save some of the jokes.  I’m not saying this isn’t funny at all because I did laugh a couple times and that is what movies like this are designed to do but maybe I’m just too old.  This film has a lot to be desired and I’m giving it a D+ rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA