Safe Haven

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Nicholas Sparks has had eight of his 18 novels made into movies and his latest chick flick Safe Haven actually has a twist near the end. A mysterious woman named Katie (Julianne Hough) stops in the small seaside town of Southport North Carolina where she keep to herself except for every once in a while talking to her neighbor Jo (Codie Smulders). She soon begins spending time with a local town storekeeper named Alex (Josh Duhamel) who is a widower with two young children, when someone from Katie’s past shows up in town and threatens her. As a guy, I’m not especially fond of romantic films except for maybe Sparks first film, The Notebook. This film began with some promise but soon moved into a film with a formulaic script, sappy music, and two leads actors that were good but not exceptional. At this point, I began to hope that this is not another one of those typical tear jerkers. (Not that I was crying, but I did hear some sniffles from women in the audience and I’m still not sure why.) So many times I have been disappointed in a film because the ending is flat or just horrible which can ruin an otherwise good movie. (At least with those movies I can finish my popcorn.) This film was just the opposite with an average story until the last 15 minutes where it has one minor twist that leads to a major twist in the end. This film definitely does have it’s shortcomings, but with such an interesting ending I’m giving it a B rating.